Why Learning English Is Very Important For You

by Editor on May 3, 2013


A new learning especially the English language, can mean a lot of things to people.

Like any other learning, the process can be confusing but at the same time, amusing. As J.Gustav White put it, “fat chance” and “slim chance” can mean the same thing, which can be very confusing to a newcomer to the English language.

It can be daunting to learn the difference between a simple sentence, a compound sentence and the complex sentence. It can become even more daunting when one comes to know that a sentence can also stand for jail time.

It can be discouraging because a newcomer to the English language will constantly make mistakes. But then one should remember that the great Rudyard Kipling was actually fired from the San Francisco Examiner stating that he did not know how to use the English language!

So why should you learn English? At the philosophical level, life is all about new experiences and new skills. So if you do not know English very well, then this is the time to expand your horizons.

At the practical level, learning English makes a lot of sense because:

  • English still happens to be the language that the world of academia uses extensively.
  • Learning English can open up plenty of vistas as far as professional life is concerned.
  • In a large number of countries all around the world, English is still the main language that is spoken.
  • Among the many languages of the world, English is considered to be pretty easy to learn and master because it is based on an alphabet

Accessibility of knowledge

Another huge reason to learn English is the fact that sources of information such as the Internet, scientific journals and periodicals, books of different kinds and even news networks use English to get their point across. For instance, if you want to get a global perspective of news as it happens, then you may need to watch channels such as CNN or BBC. And this would necessitate you to know English. 80% of the information contained on the Internet is in English.

A bigger presence in the global scenario

There is no doubt whatsoever of fact that plenty of international events that bring together people from all over the world are conducted in English. Whether one is talking about international level beauty pageants touches the Miss Universe contest or elite sporting events such as the Olympics or the Asiad games, English is the preferred language of conduct. While global organizations do make it easy for people of all languages to communicate with each other, English still is widely spoken. So learning it can eliminate errors that occur when words or meaning are “lost in translation”.

International travel made easy

There are very few countries in the world which do not speak English. So regardless of where you travel, you will never feel lost if you know English and can read road signs, maps and even ask your way around. This can become especially important if you are travelling through a new country and do not relish the thought of being lost or stuck for help somewhere.

Professional reasons

Finally, English is the language by which most business around the world is conducted. In order to enjoy seamless communications with partners, customers and many others in the business ecosystem, it is extremely useful to learn English indeed.

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