Why Being an IT Specialist Is now More Useful Than Ever

by Admin on December 4, 2013

it-specialistWhen choosing a career, young people are aware that some job markets are more competitive and successful than others and everybody knows a job in the tech and computer field is something to aim for, especially if one has the skills for that. In the world run by computers, in a world that is ever expanding its technological advancements, there is no wonder more and more graduates dream of someday wearing a Google cap or a Microsoft T-shirt as a job uniform.

Taking a look over the general statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one can easily understand that being the IT guy in a company is also beneficial for one’s career. On the other side of the fence, people choosing other fields of professional development are often heard day-dreaming about how easy life would be if they had chosen the IT guy’s path.

The IT Guy and his future job opportunities

Almost every time when we picture the classic IT guy in any company, the first image that pops to our minds is that of the programmer, the software builder, the tester, the hardware engineer, the inventor sitting in front of a computer creating the future as we speak. MIB diplomas, the creation of apps and software, the invention of new anti-viruses, they all seem inaccessible to the others who would love to work in the IT field but who don’t know exactly what else is there besides large corporations and job descriptions which need dictionaries to be explained.

What does the market say?

In the past few years, however, the IT field expanded to other industries, not only because every small or large company needs a guy to fix the jammed printer or to install a new operating system, but because more and more, everything from shopping to prescribing medication can be done online, through apps and programs that ease everybody’s lives, and one of the major fields which is actually in shortage of IT specialists is the healthcare system. Recent statistics were talking about an average of 50,000 available positions to fill in with Certified Healthcare Technology Specialists on a national level.

IT specific healthcare jobs have seen an impressive development and will see further, given the fact that the trend of using electronic health records and applying for healthcare programs became more poignant in the recent years. Suddenly, the IT guy in a hospital, clinic or healthcare facility doesn’t just fix printers, but manages entire database, diagnose IT problems, learn and implement new technologies and system analysis.

Do you really need to become a skilled programmer?

The young generation can get certified in healthcare technologies, coding and billing, healthcare computer network management and so on, and the best part is that they don’t either need to graduate MIT for that, or to look very much for a job in the field, as employers are offering such career opportunities in almost every state. A simple search on the Internet will lead the young to a wide array of healthcare jobs available in public and private facilities, including hospitals, clinics, private offices and institutions, while according to the BLS, these jobs will reach even a higher rate of employment opportunities in the next years, given the rise of FDA’s clearance on medical tech apps and devices and the expansion of the health insurance programs.

Education is the path to the future

We have to admit we live in a cynical world and being Shakespeare and starving is not the Y generation dream of spending their life. Finding jobs that satisfy one’s dreams and expectations, match his or her abilities and talents and also pay the bills, leaving a little room for financial comfort is the main goal. With the economical crisis hitting hard in the last years, there were many colleges and institutions understanding that in order to reach their goals, the Y gen needs also to learn new things that are in accordance with the economical and social trends of today. This is why many such institutions offer their students a wide area of certifications related to the IT field which can provide them with stable and reliable future jobs in fields that will continue to develop over the years.

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