Economy Travel On A College Student Budget

by Admin on December 30, 2013

When it comes to traveling on a student budget, there is a lot to consider. Staying safe, enjoying yourself and keeping track of finances should all be top of your priorities;

collegeDestination: You need to be selective about your choice of destination. All you need to do is Google and you will get most of the necessary information about prices for a variety of accommodations as per your budget. For the budget conscious, Eastern Europe, certain Latin American countries, India, Nepal and South-East Asia offer some incredibly economical deals.

Travel arrangements: If you book well in advance you will get lower fares. Travelling by bus definitely costs less in comparison to train travel and walking a bit will save cab costs. You can make use of Google to find the cheapest airfares to the locations of your choice.

Accommodation: Staying overnight can be economical if you opt for a student hostel wherever you visit. In S.E. Asia or India, hotels can offer better facilities and services at a lower cost. To get the sweetest deals you need to shop around and be prepared to haggle a bit to knock down prices. 

Medical Insurance:  Travel insurance is a must and so is vaccination against most tropical diseases (if you plan to visit such countries).The NHS offers free vaccination against some of the more common diseases and opting for a few months medical insurance will not set you back too much. If you plan a trip within Europe, keep your EHIC card handy as it will save on medical costs considerably (if required).

Stay Connected: Make sure you get a suitable phone contract if you plan a trip abroad and need to stay connected to friends and family back home. With roaming rates being slashed by service providers like Mobi data, you have a lot of choice.  Ensure that you enquire about the cost of making and receiving calls and texting. Also, you need to bear in mind that capped roaming is only applicable to 28 EU countries and not anywhere else.  For a long or extended trip, go in for a SIM card abroad, as you can save a fair sum. And do not forget to unlock the handset!

Personal Safety:  This may not be related to economizing, but needless to say it is vital! Always check for any travel advisories that may have been issued by the Foreign Office before you select your destination. Preferably travel in a group or with a companion, more so if you plan to hitchhike. Be careful about carrying money and keep it in different areas of your travel bag. If you plan a trip to a predominantly Islamic country be careful about the customs there, especially about covering up if you are a woman or even a man. Always keep a list of phone numbers with you in case you run into an emergency. Keep copies of your visa and passport in the event you need to furnish travel documents.

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