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by Editor on May 9, 2013

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It is crucial to know about the fields which are currently thriving and suffering as job fields continue to both narrow down and  grow. You will never want to enter into a career that is dying out or on its way there. There are thousands of unique career ideas available as well as a bundle of careers that lead to major success, big incomes and amazing benefits. Today, many people are considering the growth rate of certain jobs throughout the years in order to determine what job will keep rising and be in popular demand. Although these change year to year, here are the top five career choices in 2013 that you may want to consider and learn more about:

1. Software Developers:

Software development takes the number one spot in the most viable career option in 2013. Software developers work to develop complex computer applications, and with the constant growing computer and internet market, software developers are highly needed and crucial. Between 2010 and 2020, there is a 30 percent expected growth in this field, which makes it the fastest growing profession. Not only are software developers in high demand, but the job pays 95,000 dollars per average – not too shabby!

2. Accountant:

Accountants are in charge of managing money and taxes – something that has big relevance in this world. They ensure that taxes are paid both by individuals and corporations. Companies are always looking for accountants in order for them to manage their financial issues and needs, and to know that they are being paid fairly. An accountant makes a solid average income of 65,000 dollars a year, and requires a bachelor’s degree.

3. Dentists:

Believe it or not, the estimated growth for dentist this year is 21 percent. There have been many recent advancements in oral health which contribute to the future boost of dentist hired and needed. The dentist field is great because it pays very well and has you set for life career wise. It’s a field always on the rise.

4. Mechanical Engineers:

Anything that has to do with major advancement will always be a job you’d want to take. This year continues to open up new discoveries, and mechanical engineers play a big role in that. They design and build mechanical devices of all sorts that help us progress. There is always new training offered for this job, so opportunities to get a great spot in this field are open.

5. Market Research Analysts:

Market Research Analysts analyze market conditions and communicate with others as a part of their daily job. Today, market research is being picked up by more and more colleges, businesses, and the government as whole. The estimated growth for this career is at 47 percent this year. You get an average salary in this field and it only requires a bachelor’s degree.

Check out these top five career choices for 2013 and consider following your favorite path! These options will guarantee you a great position, solid incomes and amazing benefits.

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