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by Editor on May 8, 2013

oDesk Freelancer

The freelancing business has made a shift from physical presence to virtual projects. Nowadays, one can actually handle work form the comforts of your home or your office instated of operating a brick and mortar business.

As business started to move online and the internet started growing, more and more freelancing sites started entering the game and popping up. Now, average individuals, with a little talent and exceptional services can become a freelancer.


Elance is one of the most popular freelancing sites of them all. It is easy to navigate and guarantees payments on jobs; however, it also guarantees a client’s satisfaction. Elance uses an escrow system to keep both the client and contractors happy during the project.

Elance warns all contractors not to begin a job until the escrow is funded, not released, but funded. Once the client is happy with your work and the project has been completed, they now would release the funds.

However, if there is ever a disagreement between a client and contractor, Elance will step in and professionally solve it to keep everyone satisfied.


One of the cons about this website is that they do not have an escrow system, thus you aren’t guaranteed your payments on fixed price job.

However, on hourly jobs you are guaranteed payment, as long as your use their monitoring system, which needs to be installed into your computer, and while working for a specific client, there will be a picture taken of your computer screen. This will assure the client that you are working on their project while on the clock.

oDesk has the most diverse clients and contractors. You will be able to find people from all over the world to hire and even work for.


Freelancer is like two freelance systems in one! Freelancer was always in the game and industry, however, after their recent additions, they are growing and catching up to the competition, maybe even going ahead.

vWorker was formerly known as RentACoder, however, after a few years passed, Freelancer bought out and acquired vWorker. Freelancer has become one of the biggest freelance websites with clients and contractors all over the world.

If you don’t want to compete with contractors that specialize in multiple fields, there are other freelancing websites that specialize in a specific industry, so you have the ability to shine bright and beat your competition.

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