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by Editor on May 3, 2013


Most colleges and universities around the world provide student support services such as extracurricular activities and media outlets to get the involved in other undertakings. In addition, these colleges also offer newspapers for students and the academic community to keep them abreast of various happenings relevant to student life. Some of the very best college newspapers (and also student blogs), are now available online for anyone to read and enjoy. The top 10 best college newspapers provide a variety of content that is both interesting and relevant in today’s society. Many college newspapers are updated on a consistent basis by both faculty and students to keep the circulation of information refreshing and current.

The Daily Collegian (Penn State)

The Daily Collegian from Penn State University is a robust and in-depth online college newspaper featuring local news, sports updates and even information on arts such as books, music and television. The Collegian online also features an entire category of content surrounded by opinions and editorial articles from students and community members themselves.

Yale Daily News (Yale University)

Yale Daily News is a complete online newspaper that was first established in 1878, making it the oldest known college daily newspaper to date. Yale Daily News features local coverage related to politics in addition to information about sports, clubs, student transition, and various activities found around campus.

The Brown Daily Herald (Brown University)

The Brown Daily Herald provides information on locals, articles on the latest science and research nearby and information on arts and culture available to all students. You can also find an entire category dedicated strictly to university news.

The Daily Cardinal (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Daily Cardinal newspaper from the University of Wisconsin-Madison not only provides up to date news for local university goers, but also shares instant weather reports and articles relating to art, science and even fashion. There are also comics available in addition to full photo and video galleries of students on campus and members of the community.

The Diamondback (University of Maryland)

The Diamondback newspaper online provides news and information on local sports along with upcoming events and festivals that are available on or near campus. There are also columns available that provide living tips, nightlife opportunities and even music and movie reviews.

The Independent Florida Alligator (University of Florida)

The Independent Florida Alligator features sport scores and columns ranging from food and gaming to sex and nightlife near the university. The Independent Florida Alligator is an in-depth newspaper that is student-operated.

The Daily Nexus (UC Santa Barbara)

The Daily Nexus provides campus news and upcoming events in addition to video game reviews and opinion articles which are written by the students themselves.

The Red & Black (University of Georgia)

The Red & Black is an independent student newspaper that features information on local university life in addition to opinions, crime statistics and even media and television updates. There is also a marketplace to find coupons which are valid near the university.

The Cornell Daily Sun (Cornell University)

The Cornell Daily Sun not only features traditional local news and coverage, but also information about local dining options and fiction stories submitted by students and members of the community.

The Rocky Mountain Collegian (Colorado State University)

The Rocky Mountain Collegian from Colorado State University includes local news, scores of local sports and even a column named “Weekender” for additional activities and upcoming events nearby.

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