Required Training and Education for Medical Assistants

by Admin on December 3, 2013

Medical/Surgical Operative PhotographyBecoming a medical assistant can be a great way to enter the medical field without having to go through multiple years of medical school. A medical assistant’s job requires multiple tasks – mostly having to do with keeping detailed medical records, helping out with clinical procedures, and prepping a doctor’s office for examinations. When it comes down to it, most medical assistants can start their jobs with only a high school education. However, if you want to have more serious duties, like giving injections, you usually need a state license and certification. Here are some of the training and education requirements for medical assistants.

First and foremost, you will need your high school diploma to become a medical assistant. If you want to work within a medical facility, or if you want to be qualified to work in a medical care facility, you will need your diploma to get your foot in the door. If you have taken classes in the life sciences, like biology or health, you will have an even higher leg up when you are applying for positions as a medical assistant. In addition, any extra curricular course work in the sciences, like chemistry will help too.

After you get an entry level position as a medical assistant in a healthcare facility, or clinic, you will need to undergo on-the-job training, which will help you get certified as an official medical assistant. During the training, you will work closely with a senior member, or board advisor, of a medical care facility or hospital to learn everything there is to know about being a medical care assistant. For instance, you will learn the basics, like record keeping and how to deal with patients, and you will learn advanced topics, like how to administer medications and intravenous injections.

Next, you must abide by your state’s regulations when it comes to certification to perform the full duties of a medical assistant. For instance, if you want to draw blood or administer injections, you will need to go through multiple months of specific training and you will need to take an exam. Your exam will go over state regulatory guidelines and other details of the law. It will also go over all the things you can and can’t do as a certified medical assistant. When it comes down to it, a medical assistant cannot perform surgeries or other tasks that a licensed doctor performs, but a medical assistant will be working very closely with doctors and surgeons. If you want to really nail down your skills as a medical assistant, you can enroll in one of the many medical assistant schools that are available.

Lastly, if you want to become a medical assistant, you will need to also have a number of personality requirements. As a medical assistant, you will be working with a lot of different patients, so it is important to have excellent people skills – it is important for you to be comfortable around people and for people to be comfortable around you. At the end of the day, you also want to have excellent problem solving skills. If you want to work your way up in medical assistant field, it is important to have a managerial quality too.

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