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by Editor on May 9, 2013

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One of the most important matters in your life is going to college. Going through the course listings for classes to take, pinching pennies to income and of course writing the Application Essay are some of the daunting tasks you will have to face. This alone can be a huge challenge for anyone, and there is a lot of pressure to do well. Here are the three most important tips to ensure you will succeed.

1. Don’t write something enormous or inaccurate

Try and limit your essay to between 250-550 words. Admissions officers have a lot of these to look at on a daily basis, and it’s not wise to overburden them with a needless expanse of unnecessary words and details. So try to be concise but detailed in your words. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct, and do your research to ensure that everything you’re saying is true.

2. Be yourself and be a great person

Good advice at any time, and especially when writing an application essay. Don’t embellish the facts about your life; if you were a reporter for the high school paper for example, don’t put down that you were the editor-in-chief. It makes the writing process easier and lessens the pressure. Also, do what you can to be likable. Don’t just say what you’re trying to communicate directly unless there is no other way to do so. Admissions officers like to see subtlety in the essays they read. And try to stand out as an individual. Keep in mind that there are thousands of others with essays hoping to get in, and do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd.

3. Show your smarts and your ideas, but don’t appear scatter-brained

This is College after all, and you need to show that you are the kind of material they’re looking for in a student. Show why you’re interested in what you’re choosing as your Major for example, you’d be surprised how much admissions officers look at material that shows what piques your interest in biochemistry. If you choose to write about anything that could be controversial or sensitive, such as politics or religion, stand up and use balanced, reasonable and fact-based arguments for whatever stand you take. Whatever you choose as a subject try and keep that subject as the central theme of the essay and don’t stray too far, since you want to look organized. Diversity of intelligence is always looked for in the admissions process, and keeping to one subject will make it seem incomplete, but always remember that at College you’re supposed to learn what is needed to make your knowledge of a subject complete and make it into wisdom.

In conclusion

Keep these three important facts in mind and you’ll find that writing that application essay is a lot easier than you had first believed. You’ll write a great essay and get into the college of your dreams quicker than you ever thought you could, and begin building the life you’ve always wanted. Good luck with the essay!

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